Love or Curves

14 February 2018
Amour ou rondeurs

What better day than Valentine’s Day to talk about an issue that means a lot to me : the prejudices and the clichés regarding plus-sized women and love.

  • “Plus-size women are easy prey because their self-confidence is so low.” Since when ?
  • “Plus size women are willing to do anything by fear of losing a man to a thinner woman.” Yeah right.
  • “Plus size women are as greedy in the bed as they are in life,” WTF ?!

I’ve read so many stupid things about plus sized women’s love and sexual life. Once again, our size is suppose to differentiate us from other women. But why ? It doesn’t make any sense to me because a person’s desire and personality has nothing to do with size. In fact, size and weight are not the issues with self confidence, it is the glance of others and their judgements that makes you lose self-confidence.

Women : Love or curves

Our society stigmatises fat women and make us believe that we are less attractive or less desirable than other women. Being plus-sized and feeling good about your body is almost an act of bravery because in our society, being thin is synonymous with being normal or beautiful. I myself have experienced on several occasions, men confessing to me that they have never imagined being with fat woman before me. Well should I give you a medal for your bravery?

Some men are happy to spend the night with an overweight woman but would refuse to be affectionate in public. Unfortunately these men are also  victims of our beauty standards. They forget that we are women above all. But I do not criticise men attracted by thinner women because I believe there is a special someone for everyone. However, I am disgusted by men treating women differently because of how they look, or worse, using a person’s insecurities to manipulate them.

Personally, I refuse to be someone else’s dirty little secret. I’ve got too much self-respect for that. Trust me, if a person makes you believe that you are not good enough, it is probably the opposite. Know your worth because you deserve to be treated like a queen. In other words be your own valentine before someone else’s. You are fabulous !

women Love or curves

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  • Reply Gigi Kiersten 15 February 2018 at 19 h 35 min

    Girl, I want to print this out and frame it on my wall. The crap that fat women have to deal with when it comes to sexuality and dating is freaking ridiculous. Sexuality, sexiness, and valuing yourself worth has no size. It took me a long time to realize that myself, and I wish I had this post growing up. Thank you so much for the awesome post, and I will share this with all of my friends.

    • Reply christina 26 February 2018 at 18 h 19 min

      Hi Gigi ! Thanks for the love and support. You are right and unfortunately it is a real issue. We need to keep talking about it until people understand that we are no different than other women.
      Oh There is a new post on the blog check it out xx

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