My first steps as a blogger

9 March 2018
My first steps as a blogger

It has been 3 months since I published my first article on From Paris With Curves. This blog is not perfect but it is mine and I am rather satisfied with the result. Now I am realizing that keeping it is like a job that requires a lot more personal investment than I thought. I have been asked a whole lot of questions regarding my motivations, my ambitions or what I gain from it. I thought it would be interesting to answer some of them and review my first steps as a blogger.


What made me want to be a blogger?

As for many new bloggers, it all started on Instagram. This platform allowed me to discover adventuresses, fashionistas and committed women sharing my point of interest. The best  discovery was the body-positive movement which encourages people to love and accept their bodies whatever the size or shape. Reading blog posts made me realise that a lot of women experienced the same things, no matter their appearances. Knowing that other people pass through the same periods of doubt and insecurities is always reassuring. These bloggers made me want to also share certain aspects of my life, in hopes that it could help someone.


What is the purpose of this blog?

When we think about bloggers, we often imagine partnerships with brands, dream holidays or invitations to private parties, but it’s not why I am doing this. Don’t get me wrong, I would not mind being paid to travel or being dressed by my favourite brands either. The first purpose of this blog is sharing, whether it is fashion advice, travel tips or even personal stories. I do think that there is a cruel lack of diversity in our media. Everybody should be able to feel represented whatever our race, religion, size or age. Hopefully some people see life like I do.


What have I learned so far?

Keeping a blog is not as easy as it seems ! A blog requires a bit of organisation, a touch of creativity and a lot of time. There are so many details to check: content, selecting and editing photos, the referencing or even social networks. It also requires lot of patience because we do not hit a thousand views straight away! Though believe me, there is nothing more gratifying than reading an email or a comment from a reader whom was affected by my writing. Finally I shall say that this blog allows me to meet  beautiful people. On instagram we see these sassy ladies striking a pose and followed by thousands of people. We imagine them as unattainable. You know what? So far I shall admit that it is rather the opposite. I was able to exchange with inspiring bloggers full of good advice and they encouraged me to keep going. Who says women can’t work together?


The adventure From Paris With Curves is only beginning and I look forward to seeing where it is going to lead me. This blog evolves thanks to you so do not hesitate to leave comments and tell me what you think !


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