About me

Hello Gorgeous,

My name is Christina, I am in my 20’s (alright late 20’s) and I live in Paris. I love fashion, nice meals, travels and most of all I love London my adoptive city.

I will be sharing with you not only my vision of fashion, but my favourite looks, my good addresses, my travels, the things that I love or don’t like I would do with my best friends.

I strongly believe that women are beautiful regardless their shapes, sizes, ages or races. In spite of what people say, style has no size. I have learned to dress for my shape and I love to play with Fashion and everybody should be able to do so. #Lifeistooshorttodressboring

This blog aims at encouraging women to gain self-confidence, to have fun with fashion but most importantly to look and to feel beautiful. There is no better accessory than self-confidence.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you will like it.