Adulting is not that easy !

14 May 2018
adulting is not that easy

Do you remember how you used to imagine your adult life when you were younger ? I used to imagine myself living in the United States, married to Tom Welling and being the Destiny child’s stylist. Unfortunately for me,  things did not go that way. What is certain is that I never imagined myself going back to my parent’s home having only just moved out to my own apartment for a few months.

The adventure started off really well, at 26 years old I had a great job at a good company, amazing friends and a loving family. So I naturally thought that It was time I stood on my own two feet. When I found my flat I was so excited, imagining all the dinner parties I would be organising and all the memories I will create. However, not long after I moved out, I had to deal first with some emotional difficulties, then professional and finally financial. Being a control-freak I felt powerless with so many things changing at the same time.

I quickly went out of my depth and all the things that I usually liked had no interest anymore. My stress and my anxiety got the upper hand, I stopped going out after work, I took less pleasure in my job and being usually extrovert I was becoming more introverted. Then I started to feel like I had to pretend that things were good when I was actually sad all the time.

My family home became my hiding place, the place where I could start breathing again and where I felt less under pressure. Finally, one day my mother told me: “I do not know what what is happening in your life  and I know you won’t tell me but this home will always be yours. Coming back home would not mean failing. ” After a good crying and few days of reflexion, I realized it was the best option for me. I did not have to hide or to feel ashamed but I had to do what was best for me.

Some people thought that I was being a coward, that it was a sign of failure but I didn’t care I could finally sleep and breath. I am sure that I was mocked but it doesn’t matter. I am not saying that I will stay with my family forever, I refuse nevertheless to feel ashamed for coming back home or to stay to preserve the cool girl image. There is nothing cooler than a person feeling good and choosing their lifestyle choice. #Noshame

I wrote this post a year ago and I don’t regret making this decision. It was not always easy, but I have never felt this good about life. I moved out from my parent’s place to live in London, my dream city. My advice would be that If you feel like loosing control of your own life, if the social pressure is too strong talk to someone, a friend, a lover or a professional. Don’t get swept into depression because it’s a lonely world. Adulting is not that easy but it get easier with other people.

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