A little bit of pink

20 February 2018
A little bit of pink

I’ve got a problem and you may have it too. I have had enough of this weather already! The cold, the rain, the greyness… you basically can’t dress how you want and it’s so annoying. I can’t wait to exchange my scarf and coat for my favourite sunnys. Unfortunately, February isn’t finished yet and we need to hold on a little longer, so let’s do this in style. The aim of this post isn’t to complain about the weather, I swear, but actually on how to show off a new look. Girl, there is nothing better than adding a bit of pink to light up your outfit and even your mood.

Everything started with these fabulous sunglasses from ASOS. As soon as I saw them, I knew we belonged together. My black top with the pink velvet pieces is actually a dress from Forever 21. It’s a really pretty dress, but too short for winter so I have chosen to wear it as a top with a black skater-dress from H&M. My chunky pink cardigan also comes from Forever 21 and it is really soft and warm. I prefer to wear big boots with this outfit to give it some edge. I am really into multirow necklaces these days. Though I am not usually into necklaces at all, I will definitely make an effort for this one.

Stay strong ladies, winter will be behind us soon enough !

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