5 Things to do in Bangkok

27 April 2018
We are only in May and a lot of things have already happened. Not long after my first post on this blog, I left my job to pursue my dreams; I will tell you all about this really soon, I promise. Taking a break while exploring Asia was the perfect opportunity to take some time off and to manage these changes before starting this new chapter of my life.
The adventure started in Bangkok. In just 2 days, this city managed to amaze me. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to go back and to explore it more. To be completely honest, I do not know this city enough to make you a detailed route but I can definitely advise you 5 things to do in Bangkok.

1 – A cruise on the river Chao Phraya

For me, it is the best way to cross the city and the most refreshing when temperatures hit 35°C. You have 2 options: the public boats with an orange flag which stop at each station, or the tourist boats with a blue flag; they are private and stop wherever you want. I chose a tourist boat to enjoy the cruise on my own. It was only 40 bahts (1 €), orange boats are even cheaper, only 15 bahts. Do not judge me!

2 – Take a walk in the Royal Palace

This immense palace is one of the most beautiful things that I visited in Bangkok. It is almost totally covered with gold and precious stones, what’s not to like?! On the other hand, there are a great deal of tourists so you better go there at the opening to really enjoy it. The admission charge is 500 bahts (13 €) which remains expensive for Thailand, however it is worth it. Be sure to cover your shoulders and avoid shorts or skirts.

3 – Visit Wat Arun: The Temple of Dawn

I literally fell in love with this temple at the water’s edge. My visit was less crowded than the Royal Palace. I even got to be alone at times which was a real pleasure. The white buildings are covered with colored ceramics and the details are rather impressive. The admission fee is 50 bahts or 1,30€ and like every temple in Thailand, it is required to cover shoulders and knees to enter.

4 – See Bangkok’s most famous Buddha

Wat Pho, or the temple of the reclining Buddha, is certainly famous for its giant buddha measuring 141ft (43m). I told you it was massive! The entry is 100 bahts (2,60 €), plus a complimentary bottle of water.


5 – Enjoy the view!

Nothing better than a skybar for viewing Bangkok differently. Before you go, you must know that there is often an admission fee with a complimentary drink. Skybars are overpriced as you basically pay for the view, but you only live once !

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