3 days in L.A.

10 January 2018
My childhood friend and I made our teenage dream come true by going off to explore California by car. Los Angeles was the starting point of our road trip and we spent 4 nights in its coolest city, Venice Beach. Within 3 days we had the opportunity to visit the ultimate places to see for a first timer in L.A. ; eat like a local but above all to live the Californian way of Life, even for a few days.  I therefore prepared  a small route to spend 3 days in L.A. without missing the essentials.

Day 1 : Venice Beach & Santa Monica


The perfect spot to eat an amazing breakfast in a stylish place, surrounded by stylish people. They have a restaurant and a bar if you need to eat quickly. Surfers are always at the bar, just saying… 
3 days in LA - Gjelina

Venice Canals

Hidden in a busy neighborhood, I loved exploring this haven of peace and its beautiful villas.
We met very few tourists thanks to the season, which allowed us to enjoy this little paradise almost to ourselves.

Venice Broadwalk

Venice Beach is undoubtedly one of the coolest and eclectic places in Los Angeles. Everything mixes: hippies, bodybuilders, surfers, hipsters and even fortune tellers. The Broadwalk stays busy by day and night, and its huge sandy beaches are beautiful. Perfect spot to watch the sunset, trust me.


Santa Monica is definitely what you think of when you imagine California. For me, it was pretty girls wearing tiny shorts, handsome surfers and waitresses working on roller blades. Well, it was all there. Nevertheless, I found the pier and its fairground less charming than the others I visited on the west coast. We learnt later that it was more attractive to visit it at sunset, so don’t forget that if visiting.

Day 2 : Beverly Hills & Hollywood


To eat the best brunch of your life, trust me.
Their food is amazing, you won’t regret stopping by. To be completely honest, we had to queue up for about 20 minutes before having a table, but everything is forgotten at the first bite. Worth it!  

Beverly hills

We choose to visit the streets of Beverly hills by car. For a few hours we felt like we were in the TV series of my teenage years. Seeing these huge palm trees and magnificent villas, I understood why celebrities made it their playground. I was so glad to finally see Rodeo Drive, one of the most famous shopping streets in L.A.

Hollywood Sign

We did not hike to reach the famous letters. However, there are several spots around the sign to see the letters closely and take some beautiful photos. No need to suffer.

Hollywood Walk of fame

I dreamed to see the legendary Hollywood Boulevard and the stars of our favourite celebrities, but unfortunately the reality was not what I had expected. Streets were overcrowded and there is not much to see apart from the famous Chinese Theater. A little piece of advice, streets become less respectable when it gets dark. 

Jour 3 : Melrose Avenue & DTLA* 

*Downtown Los Angeles

Street art

Attracted by alternative districts and the street art, I enjoyed wandering in the streets of DTLA. We walked past the Walt Disney Concert Hall, supposed to be one of the jewels of modern architecture.
The street art holds a very important place in L.A. The arts district is a very colorful neighborhood that concentrates a large number of mural paintings, graffiti, and colorful shops. Taking a picture in front of Paul Smith’s pink wall was very funny as you can tell, and there were 5 or 6 other bloggers taking pictures next to me. True story!


We ended our day on the famous white sandy beach of Malibu. We were lucky enough to only share it with a few people. The frame was magnificent, but it’s not easy to take the plunge when the water is under 20°C. Even Pamela would not be able to do it.

Practical information

Accommodation: We chose this Airbnb in Venice beach 10min away from the beach.

Transport : Do not forget that L.A. is massive, about 12 times the size of Paris, so having a car to explore the city was easier for us. My advice : If you have a few hours left, you definitely need to take a tour in Chinatown, to feel like in Asia for a few hours.

You have to try Umami burger. It’s pretty amazing and they have some vegan options as well. Don’t miss it. 

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