19 June 2018
Bosslady x Siân

What is a Bosslady exactly? Well according to the urban dictionary, it is “a woman in control, taking charge of her own circumstances in work & life. Someone who knows her worth and won’t accept anything less. She is empowering and inspiring to those around her. She kicks ass!”. I’ll be meeting a different women every month to discuss fashion, self-love and ambitions to show that we can all be a bosslady whatever our appearance or background. It’s about believing in ourselves, and choosing to make our own rules or break some. These woman choose to do so.

Let me introduce to Siân. This gorgeous 30 years old, originally from Wales, made her dream come true by moving to London almost 4 years ago. She has now studying late antique and Byzantine history at UCL. And just like any vintage addict, she knows wear to bargain the best item in London. There is a new Bosslady in town, I hope you are ready!


Bosslady x Siân....

  • How would you describe your style?

Casual, vintage and comfortable! I just had my 30th birthday and thought – briefly – am I dressing my age? And I thought, what does that even mean?! I’ll dress how I want to, thanks very much! So when summer comes around I’m normally in dresses or my short dungarees with a t-shirt underneath, when autumn and winter arrive I’ll switch to metallic ankle socks, one of my many pairs of Doc Marten’s, jeans and a vintage jumper – probably really sparkly and very 80s!

  • Who are your style muses? 

Carrie in Sex and the City has been an enduring muse since I was about 16 when I stopped wearing spikey dog collars and dying my hair black. I distinctly remember wearing my cameo brooch with a scarf in school, like Carrie does in season 4 episode 1, ‘The Agony and the “ex”-tacy’ (yes, I’m an SATC nerd). I think she has a really vintage inspired look and Patricia Field did an amazing job I think. What she wears is so different from episode to episode and I love that!

  • What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?  

My favourite item at the moment is a pair of shoes I bought myself for my 30th birthday. They’re from Irregular Choice, a brand I’ve worn since I was about 14. They are super fun and Irregular Choice are not to everyone’s taste, their shoes are super extravagant and I love them. They’re high heels, pink, glittery, spotty and – the best bit – the heels are Minnie Mouse figures! They made turning 30 super fun.

  • What are the 3 items you can’t leave home without?

Definitely can’t leave without my Oyster card, a lipstick and my headphones.

  • What are your favorite brands ?

So I’ve already mentioned Irregular Choice, for shoes I also love Doc Marten’s, New Balance and Salt Water sandals are incredibly comfy and durable, I have a white pair which are in their 4th summer and they’re still pretty much perfect! If I’m really spoiling myself I’ll probably buy shoes at Russell & Bromley. I would say I buy the majority of my clothes from vintage stores or charity shops – I’m a bit obsessed with 80s clothes (and music)! I recently bought a jumpsuit in Beyond Retro, one of my favourite vintage shops, for £28 and wore it to be a friend’s wedding and got so many compliments on it! I also like buying vintage because it’s less wasteful than buying new and gives a piece of clothing another life! If I’m buying new I like Lazy Oaf, Topshop, & Other Stories, H&M or Urban Outfitters.


Bosslady x Siân..

  • Tell us your journey of self love?

This is definitely an ongoing journey and I don’t think it’ll end, but then I think that’s true for everyone. I’ve recently overcome some pretty low mental health problems which stopped me working both at uni and my job but I’m definitely on the up now. I’m feeling so much better and happier in myself and with myself. I’ve recently joined a gym and I’m really enjoying doing some physical exercise again – it’s true what they say, it does make you happy! Which I guess is why the NHS can now prescribe gym memberships for mental health patients, it makes a huge difference.

  • When do you feel the most confident? and/or What do you do to feel confident?

It may sound silly but I feel most confident when I have my lipstick on, which is most of the time now. If I’m feeling like I’m having a low day I pop some lipstick on, I either use Dior Darling (775) (which has been discontinued – noooo!) or a very similar shade (phew!) from Chanel Romy (462). I do this even when I’m in the house and not planning on going out, a strong lip changes everything!

  • Do you dress to cover any part of your body or to show off parts of your body?

I used to definitely dress to cover parts of my body, mostly my arms and legs. Now I do not. I will wear whatever I like. I try and still wear flattering pieces for my shape but I don’t try and cover up anymore, I spent summers sweltering in long sleeved tops and trousers but no more! I’ll try and wear things to accentuate my waist and give me a cinched in silhouette, but I’m equally happy in a baggy t-shirt and dungarees.  

  • What is the thing you’re tired of people asking you?

Why I decided to get tattoos and piercings and won’t I regret them when I’m older? Ugh.



Bosslady x Siân...

  • What does it means to you to be a Bosslady?

Taking control and empowering myself to do what I’ve dreamed of, even if it takes a while to get there. For example, I was 28 when I started my MA and most of my classmates were 21 but I didn’t care, because I got there in the end!

  • What are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of overcoming my mental health problems and starting again on the other side.

  • Who are your biggest role model?

My grandma, my mum and my sister. They’re all ah-mazing and they’re fantastic ladies, my grandma especially. She went through a lot of stuff when my mum and uncle were little. People can’t believe she’s 77, she looks fantastic and still works and she’s just amazing.  

  • What are your ambitions for 2018?

Ambitions for 2018 are to keep going at the gym, I want to improve my general fitness and make it part of my everyday routine; and to apply for a PhD after I finish my MA in September.

  • What would you like to ask me ?

When are you free to go for sushi? Hah!

Bosslady x Siân

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